Remote wall mixer for LX523 White version

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Artikelnummer: WP523/W
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The WP523 is a remote wall mixer which is meant to be used in combination with the LX523 active speaker system. It converts the signal coming from a stereo line-level audio source (such as CD-player, tuner, MP3 player, ... ) or balanced microphone to the level corresponding the differential signal input on the LX523 (RJ45) making it possible to transfer high-quality audio over long distances between the wall panel and the loudspeaker, by just using inexpensive twisted pair CAT5 cabling. On the front side of the wall panel, there is a stereo RCA line input available together with a balanced XLR microphone input, both provided with their own knob which allows the signals to be mixed together. A main volume dial allows you to adjust the overall volume of the loudspeaker system. The mixing potentiometers are level with the surface and both equipped with a Push-Lock mechanism. They can be opened and hidden again by pressing it. An internal limiter avoids distortion on the input signal and intervenes when the level of the input signal reaches the clipping level. The ‘Clip’ LED located above the mixing potentiometer will illuminate when it’s recommended to reduce the level. This should be done by turning back the potentiometer. A jumper on the rear side of the panel allows you to enable the 12V phantom power for the microphone input. The connection of the wall panel should be done with twisted pair UTP CAT5 cabling whereby distances up to 500 meters can be reached. It should be connected to the 8-pin Euro-Terminal Block connector on the rear side of the panel. Available in black (/B) and white (/W).

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