In-ceiling/wall back-box for flush mount ceiling speakers

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Artikelnummer: WMM630
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The WMM630 is a speaker back box made out of medium-density fibreboard (MDF) allowing installation for a wide variety of ceiling or in-wall loudspeakers. It provides an ideal environment for the installed speakers while reducing the radiation of sound to adjacent rooms. The dimensions of 345 x 545 x 150 mm allow it being placed in between a wide variation of wall studs or ceiling beams. It features an internal volume of 21 litres and comes with a pre-cut speaker cutout with a diameter of Ø 150 mm, and pre-marked circular cutouts up to Ø 250 mm. The corners are provided with L-brackets for easy assembly to any kind of stud or beam and it comes pre-fitted with acoustic damping material for optimal acoustic performance. 

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