Wall mic input - 45x45mm - RJ45 Black version

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Artikelnummer: WMI16/B
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The WMI16 is a Wall Microphone Input unit which can be used in combination with AUDAC MTX series Multi-Zone audio matrix systems, the RM523 & AMP523 web-based input control units and the APG20 receiver gateway. It provides the possibility for transferring an audio signal from a Microphone level audio source over a large distance by using standard CAT5e UTP (or better) cable.

The connection should be made using an RJ45 connector on the back side of the unit. The depth of the RJ45 connector will not allow the WMI16 to be installed in surface mount boxes. A jumper on the rear side of the panel allows you to enable the 12V phantom power for powering condenser microphones and the audio transfer is done in a differential way with increased voltage levels, making the transferred signal insensitive for interference and noise generated by external devices. This allows bridging distances up to 500 meter between the input unit and the receiver end.

The WMI16 is the 45 x 45 mm version of the WMI units, which can be used in combination with standard AUDAC, Niko, Legrand or other 45 x 45 mm installation materials. Available in Black (/B) and White (/W).

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