Isolation transformer line level

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The AUDAC TR266 is a super shielded true isolation audio transformer which is especially designed to be used in highly polluted EMI environments. Hum in audio systems is usually caused by ground loops in the system. A common mode current will flow in a ground loop created by an electrical system that has grounds on different voltage potentials. This results in a 50 Hz hum in the audio signal.The most common method to solve these problems is an audio transformer. The AUDAC TR266 audio isolation transformer with an in- and output impedance of 600 Ohm and a turns ratio of 1 : 1 has a very wide bandwidth and very low distortion which ensures a non distorted bass response and non attenuated high frequencies. Thanks to its MU-metal shielding, it can guarantee the best performance in even the most EMI polluted environments. MU-Metal is a soft ferromagnetic material with a very high magnetic permeability. It consists of an alloy of Nickel, Iron, Copper and Molybdenum. MU-Metal has a magnetic shielding effectiveness going from 100x up to 1000x higher than steel of equivalent thickness. It is especially good in 50/60hz type applications where all other shieldings fail. The TR266 super shielded transformer can be used for applications where the shielding of standard transformers becomes inadequate. A typical example of such an application is the broadcast system in railway stations.

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