8x ATEO2SD + NOBA8A + AMP523MK2 Black

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Artikelnummer: SONA2.9C+/B
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The SONA2.9C+ series provides a stunning and elegant design whilst delivering a sound experience that will leave its listeners stunned. Thanks to the combination of the extremely compact ATEO loudspeakers and the powerful NOBA8A bass cabinet of only 149mm thick, a perfect balance between sound clarity and power can be attained. An excellent acoustical match is accomplished by the WaveDynamics™ technology which also provides a bulletproof protection for your audio system. This system, using eight ATEO2SD loudspeakers and a NOBA8A bass cabinet can cover areas of around 100 m² with clear and powerful background music.

The addition of a AMP523MK2 will increase the amount of inputs and open the possibility to control volume and input selection through a web browser or with the AUDAC Touch™ mobile application.

- Innovative & unique design
- High-end sound
- Energy-efficient 
- Integrated class-D amplifier

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