8 x CELO2D + CELO8S + EPA152 Black

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Artikelnummer: SENSO82.8S/B
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The tiny and nearly invisible design of the CELO2D speakers makes the SENSO82.8S set one of the most compact high-end in-ceiling audio solutions with subwoofer that will draw your attention only through its extraordinary sound.

Supported by the CELO8S 8” ceiling subwoofer that delivers detailed and punchy bass, while the open back design enables the CELO8S to reproduce low frequencies in the most natural way possible. It comes fitted with an integrated stereo crossover that enables you to effortlessly connect your satellite speakers, resulting in the absolute finest full-range musical atmosphere.

Powered by the EPA152 energy efficient Class-D stereo amplifier this system, using eight CELO2D loudspeakers, can cover areas of around 200 m² with clear and powerful background music.


- Impressive compact design
- CleverMount™ Installation
- High-efficiency Class-D amplifier
- Warm & true to nature sound

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