AUDAC Touch™ presentation wall

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Artikelnummer: PROMO5305
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This promo article is the combination of PROMO5302 & PROMO5303. By combing these two set-ups one can use PROMO5302 as a touchscreen to control the AUDAC Touch™ application which runs on the built-in android computer chip. The other 19” inch display of PROMO5303 can be used to show a virtual room, where the audience will see the effect of the different commands given on the AUDAC Touch™ representation screen.

Both promo panels feature a shelf which in this case could be used to present an AUDAC Touch™ compatible device such as an M2, MTX, R2, XMP44,… but also to combine this with one of the compatible accessories such as our PA microphones or relay units.

The promotion displays are accompanied by a install manual that contains guides for placement of our NOBA8 bass cabinet and the flush mount, column and ATEO speakers.

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