ceiling flying system for 1x FX 3.15 - black Black

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Artikelnummer: MBK300S/B
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The MBK300S ceiling flying system is especially designed for mounting the FX3.15 high-output cabinets. Using these mounting brackets, the top cabinet can be flown and mounted on any ceiling, or other position, while aiming the toudspeakers into the desired angle. The bracket set consists of:

  • 1x MBK310/B    Fly frame for FX series loudspeaker bracket
  • 1x MBK315-01/B    Side board set for FX3.15 (2pcs)
  • 1x MBK320-01/B    Connection board set angle plate 20° - 60° (2pcs)
  • 1x MBK300S-SS    Screw set for MBK300S
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