6 x ALTI4M/W + EPA152 White

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Artikelnummer: LENTO4.6EM/W
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The combination of the ALTI4M loudspeakers’ stunning design, high-quality components and excellent off-axis performance, together with the die-cast mounting bracket for wall and ceiling purposes enables the LENTO4.6EM set to be mounted in numerous ways and different configurations, providing an endless variety of versatile placement options in terms of mounting. Guaranteeing clear speech intelligence and a warm and detailed sound reproduction with elegant aesthetics.

Powered by an EPA152 Class-D amplifier, this system, using 6 ALTI4M loudspeakers, can cover areas of around 150m² with warm and detailed sound.


  • AWX5™ connection
  • Outdoor rated construction
  • Die-cast mounting bracket 
  • Countless mounting possibilities
  • High-quality sound
  • High-efficiency Class-D amplifier
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