4 x PX112 + 2 x BASO15 + SMQ750 Black version

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Artikelnummer: FORTE12.6/B
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The full range sound coming from the PX112MK2 cabinets combined with highly powerful BASO15 bass cabinets makes the FORTE12.6 set suited for large scale installations with a highly demanding performance criteria. Powered by a SMQ750 WaveDynamics™ Class-D power amplifier, this system, using four PX112MK2 loudspeakers and two BASO15 cabinets, can cover areas of around 400 m² with an extremely powerful sound, over the entire frequency range.


  • Extremely powerful sound
  • Exceptional powerful & clear bass
  • High-efficiency Class-D amplifier
  • WaveDynamics™ technology
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