4 x PX110 + 2 x BASO15 + SMQ750 Black version

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Artikelnummer: FORTE10.6/B
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The full range sound coming from the PX110MK2 cabinets combined with highly powerful BASO15 bass cabinets enables the FORTE10.6 set to stand strong in medium to large scale installations requiring high power sound. Powered by a SMQ750 WaveDynamics™ Class-D power amplifier, this system, using four PX110MK2 loudspeakers and two BASO15 cabinets, can cover areas of around 200 m² with a very clear sound and powerful bass.


  • Very powerful sound
  • Exceptional powerful & clear bass
  • High-efficiency Class-D amplifier
  • WaveDynamics™ technology
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