Digital paging microphone 16 zones Digital paging microphone 16 zones

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Artikelnummer: APM116MK2
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The APM series are digital paging microphones fitted with a 32 cm gooseneck microphone containing a back electret condenser cell with cardioid pickup pattern. A built-in limiter constantly monitors the input level, guaranteeing a constantly maintained and clear output signal. The status of the reproduced signal is indicated using different LED’s on the microphone’s base, providing an indication to the speaker that the signal is clear and audible in all situations. Each console contains three standard buttons (Except the APM101MK2 which only has PTT) with pre-assigned functions: PTT (Push To Talk), select all and clear all. The other function buttons can be configured to make announcements to particular zones, grouping zones or other functions. (Trigger & switch relay, voice-file announcements, … ) Standard configurations can be made using matrix systems (R2 & M2) while special configurations can be programmed using the APC100 configurator tool in combination with 'AUDAC system manager' software.

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