Digital paging microphone 4 zones Digital paging microphone 4 zones

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Artikelnummer: APM104MK2
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The APM104 is a digital paging microphone for 4 zones which is equipped with a condenser element with cardioid characteristic, mounted on a 30 cm gooseneck. By means of a built-in compressor / limiter, the output level of the microphone signal is constantly maintained. The status of the reproduced signal is indicated on the front panel, to ensure the speaker that the message is clear and audible in all situations. The console has 4 zone selection buttons and three standard buttons with preassigned functions: PTT (Push To Talk), select all and clear. The functions can be freely programmed by using the APM configuration software. In combination with the AUDAC ARU relay groups, the APM paging consoles offer a wide range of possibilities.

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