Mounting pole for outdoor speaker - 600 mm height Outdoor black version

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Artikelnummer: MBK556/B
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The MBK556 is a slim and durable bi-directional mounting solution designed specifically for the AUDAC WX series outdoor loudspeakers*. Two WX series loudspeakers can be mounted on opposite sides, creating optimal coverage in all directions.

The construction is made out of aluminum materials and finished with a textured and weather resistant black powder coating. A weatherproof junction box with an access hole for the internal wiring to the loudspeaker(s), allows it to be installed in permanent outdoor installations, while cable guiding throughout its structure results in a very elegant end result.

The base plate allows durable installation on any kind of solid surface while pre-drilled installation holes for WX302 and WX502 series loudspeakers provide the optimal installer convenience.

* WX series loudspeakers not included with MBK556.

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